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  • How do i check the air in a pressure vessel

Turn the pump off and drain the system, when this is completed put a tyre gauge on the air inlet valve, the correct reading should be 2 psi below the cut in pressure of the pump, for a grundfos SQ/SQE pump 7 psi below the cut in pressure of the pump.

Standard pump working between 20 and 40 psi 18 psi of air required.

Grundfos SQ pump working between 20 and 40 psi 13 psi of air required.


  • How do i fit a submersible pump
  1. Cut steel well lining to required height
  2. Dip well to get exact depth
  3. Keep pump 3-5 metres off the bottom
  4. Run out pipe, cable and rope in a straight line
  5. Connect pipe to pump and tighten pipe fitting
  6. Tape cable to pipe with PVC tape every 3-5 metres (no slack or tight spots)
  7. Connect rope to pump
  8. Bring pipe, rope and cable through well plate and fit elbow to top of pipe
  9. The pipe takes the weight of the pump not the cable or rope
  10. Lower the pump into the well ( use caution not to cut the pipe or cable off the well steel lining
  11. When the pump is in place connect the pipe to the pressure vessel
  12. Connect the cable to the control box (diagram in control box) in some cases the blue wire may be gray in colour
  13. Check all pipe fittings and electrical connections
  14. Start pump
  15. The pressure is pre set this can be adjusted if required, please contact our office.
  16. Check air in pressure vessel every 6 months